"Availability of suitable employment opportunities is extremely important to the student experience at Heriot-Watt University. Unitemps will provide student employment opportunities as well as significantly reducing the administrative load for hiring managers, leading to planned growth in the number of students employed within the university."

Campbell Powrie, Deputy Registrar & Head of Student Life, Heriot Watt University

"Unitemps at LJMU has made a transformational impact on our students since opening in 2019. The franchise has worked tirelessly to create work opportunities for our students. A marker of the branch success is seeing many students progress into permanent, high skilled jobs once they leave university. We now have over 8,800 students actively engaged in a wide range of work assignments. Our internships engagement is also increasing year on year with around 180 student internships this year alone."

Professor Phil Vickerman, PVC for Student Experience, LJMU

"I have been involved in successful Unitemps branches at four separate universities – University of Leicester, Staffordshire University, University of Gloucestershire, and University of Northampton. At the University of Gloucestershire, I implemented the project to set up Unitemps on campus after seeing the wide-ranging benefits at previous institutions. The student experience and cost of living challenges were the main drivers to investing in the Unitemps model, along with the advantage of peace of mind regarding strict legislative compliance. The revenue stream that Unitemps generated has been put towards improving student facilities and lives at the university. From making initial contact with Warwick, to launching the Unitemps office took less than 6 months with valued support from the Unitemps Head Office franchise team. I would recommend Unitemps to any institution with regards to improving efficiencies in temporary staffing on and off campus."

Martin Perfect, Director of Student Futures, University of Northampton

"Unitemps has enabled us to provide a plethora of employment opportunities for our students, graduates and those who live within the local community Unitemps has provided us with a greater opportunity to engage with industry partners, building relationships and providing our students and graduates with a pathway to employment."

Rachel Shorrock, CEO, Salford Professional Development (Subsidiary of the University of Salford)

"On campus student employment is a key area of the student experience at the University of Edinburgh. We are looking to improve all aspects of the experience for our students. Unitemps will help significantly in our ability to easily recruit, on-board and manage our employed students. Unitemps will also help lighten the administration burden on our staff, allowing them to spend more time with the students."

Gavin McLachlan, Vice-Principal and Chief Information Officer, University of Edinburgh


"I’ve taken on a variety of shifts, including campus tours, open days, presentations which have really helped with my confidence and my course. But the main job I’ve taken on was a three-month position in a marketing and communications department as an events organiser."

Rio-Chanae Hayles, Unitemps candidate

"It’s a great confidence-booster, you get to live out so many different types of roles, whichever you want to pick, and you’ll have good fun while you’re doing it."

Josh Hargreaves, Unitemps candidate

"The three ways that Unitemps helped me was financially, socially and enhancing my CV. Financially, it helped me gain a little bit of extra cash for rent. Socially, because I met a load of new friends who were other ambassadors. And for my CV, it’s something I put on there to show that during my time at university I’ve also been working."

Will Lewis, Unitemps candidate

Hiring managers

"The delivery of great candidates is down to the strength of back of house operation and I have had the pleasure of working with all of the team. The nature of our work is fast-paced with specific quality requirements. I always felt confident when talking to the team that they would deliver and never did they make me feel that I was asking for too much, they just took it in their stride. As a customer I always felt fully supported and could conduct business openly and honestly."

Hiring Manager, charity organisation

"As a medical practice, we look for high skilled, professional individuals that can adapt to changing demands but can maintain protocols to protect and deliver excellent medical services. After years of recruiting directly, Andrea now does all of this for us and has provided us with excellent candidates and placed many permanent candidates within the practice. We have a fantastic working relationship, Andrea is very responsive and takes responsibility for all her placements. We have passed her details to other colleagues, who are now using Unitemps."

Practice Manager, Medical Practice

"Working with the Unitemps team over the past few years has enabled our organisation to secure high quality candidates for a variety of roles during a period of rapid expansion and growth. Our consultant is always responsive and really listens to our requirements to locate the right fit and calibre of candidate for our needs while maintaining the strong working relationship between us through updates and swift action. Unitemps has been, and continues to be, a great organisation to work with."

Delivery Manager, Publisher