How does a Unitemps franchise compare to a software service?

Our Unitemps franchise model can bring a fully functioning recruitment service to your university with integrated systems that have been configured specifically for the HE sector, in addition to on-going support from our central IT, Marketing, Business Development and Compliance teams that come with being part of the Unitemps network.

Is Unitemps expensive?

Unitemps implementation is considerably cheaper than purchasing an off the shelf recruitment software package – with the added benefit that it has already been heavily customised for the HE sector and already used successfully by 19 universities across the country.

How quickly can a Unitemps office be operational?

A Unitemps office can be operational in as little as 3 months from signing the franchise agreement. Average set up time is 3-6 months.

Are we tied into a long contract?

No. All contracts have a 12-month notice period

Who would our Unitemps branch be staffed by?

The branches are staffed by employees of your university (or subsidiary company), with support from the Unitemps franchise team throughout the recruitment process if required.

Can Unitemps work alongside a current careers job shop or existing HR temp bank?

Yes. Many of our Unitemps branches are run by existing staff at university departments or job shops, whilst others have chosen to have Unitemps working alongside their university job shop as an additional feature. The choice is entirely yours.

Can Unitemps provide a payroll service?

Unitemps can offer a fully managed payroll bureau service called the WEG Payroll Bureau that four of our network currently use as an alternative to their university payroll. This is charged on a per payslip basis.

Who acts as the employer, Unitemps, the university, or the client?

All Unitemps candidates are employed by the Unitemps branch under a standard contract for services. The Unitemps branch is owned by the university, meaning the following rules would apply:

  • If the branch is a department of the university, then the university would be the employer
  • If the branch is in a subsidiary company of the university, then the subsidiary would be the employer

How does Unitemps ensure its branches are legislatively compliant?

Unitemps has a dedicated Operations and Compliance Team who work with our franchises to ensure they are legislatively compliant. Intensive training is given to branch staff before launch, and regular seminars and workshops are held to update the network on any changes to the law. Furthermore, we have introduced a number of improvements to our systems and processes to block any noncompliant activity, as well as a suite of regular reports.

Does Unitemps offer other types of roles besides temporary work?

Yes. Although a large part of the Unitemps service caters to the needs of the university population which means our roles are often flexible, you can use your Unitemps branch to recruit for academic roles, internships, placements, permanent and graduate roles as well as non-medical help support staff.