What are the benefits of a franchise service compared to a software service?

Our Unitemps franchise model can bring a fully functioning recruitment service to your university with integrated systems and all the support from our central IT, Marketing and Compliance teams that come with being part of the Unitemps network.

Unitemps has been fully certified against ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems. It has also been awarded Cyber Essentials certification which ensures that we comply with key, essential areas of cyber security as laid out by the Government and the National Cyber Security Centre.

Is the Unitemps model adaptable?

The Unitemps model is a good fit for most universities, as we are able to adapt the service to cater to the specific needs of our clients. With over 20 years of experience, we have developed a product with the education sector in mind that is fully branded to your university, allowing straightforward management of temporary and permanent vacancies from start to end. The Unitemps models will renovate your university’s approach to recruitment whilst delivering remarkable savings on recruitment fees and the VAT they involve.

Does Unitemps offer other types of work outside of temporary work?

Yes, absolutely. Although a large part of the Unitemps service caters to the flexible needs of the university population, we also recruit for permanent roles, internships and academic roles. These roles would suit professionals looking for their next career move or any other candidate looking for longer term work.

Can Unitemps work alongside a current university job shop?

Many of our Unitemps branches are run by existing university departments or job shops. However, there is no reason why you cannot use both and run Unitemps alongside a university job shop. We have found they complement each other by enhancing the visibility of job opportunities and careers programmes. This gives your university and business partners access to your talent while offering work assignments to students based on their skills, interests, qualifications and previous experiences, all while keeping them compliant.

Can Unitemps provide a payroll service?

Unitemps is able to offer a payroll service through our parent company, Warwick Employment Group (WEG). Find out more about WEG Payroll Bureau. Many of our branches also choose to integrate their own university payroll system into the Unitemps recruitment platform.

Can Unitemps offer a disability support service?

Disability support is often an important area that universities wish to recruit for. Students with disabilities require one-to-one support and Unitemps can play a vital part in managing the provision of suitable candidates. We fill a range of roles, including Study Assistants, Note Takers, British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreters and Specialist 1:1 Study Skills Tuition to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

Find out more about our Non-Medical Help support services.

Who would act as the employer?

The candidate would be employed by the Unitemps branch under a standard contract for services.

As the Unitemps branch is owned by the home university:

  • If the branch is a department of the university, then the home university would be the employer
  • If the branch is in a subsidiary company of the university, then the subsidiary would be the employer

The candidate could then be placed on assignments at clients (either internally at the university or externally with other companies) as an agency worker employed by the branch. The client has access to relevant information 24/7 via a single online portal for all activity. This portal allows clients to manage workers, approve timesheets, run reports, check compliance statuses, visit our information hub and much more.

Does Unitemps have to replace what we currently have in place for temporary work?

No. Some universities have implemented Unitemps instead of their existing staffing service. Others have used Unitemps to complement what they already do. Others have implemented Unitemps side by side with their existing service and phased that out over a period of time. It is entirely up to you how you choose to do this.