The Benefits

The Benefits of a Unitemps Franchise

The Unitemps model has been specifically developed to meet the particular needs of the higher education sector, offering students and institutions all the benefits of an in-house recruitment agency while addressing social responsibility concerns and enhancing the wider student experience. The wide ranging benefits offered by the Unitemps franchise solution cover a number of areas:


  • Our candidates develop transferable skills while enhancing their CVs and increasing their employability
  • Our nationwide network helps candidates to find work during their studies, over vacation periods or at home
  • Better overall student experience through building opportunities to enhance employability
  • Eligible international students gain valuable work experience

Student Experience

  • Financial support enabling more students to complete their education
  • Flexible job roles allow students to balance work with their studies
  • Students gain varied work experience both on and off campus
  • Real work opportunities available for new entrants to the job market

Human Resources

  • Streamlined online management of temporary workers
  • Legislative compliance and employment risk mitigation
  • Large and diverse pool of labour accessible across the network
  • Effective sourcing of quality candidates, prioritising client experience over sales targets as consultants do not work on commission


  • Additional revenue stream generated through the supply of staff to employers
  • VAT free supply of internal staff
  • Sustainable income source for institutional investment
  • Significantly reduce the cost of using commercial recruitment agencies